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Sometimes money does grow on Trees…. Each piece in our line begins with a tiny wax sculpture.  The original piece is carved by hand and cast into sterling silver.  This silver piece becomes the model for a single rubber mold. Rubber molds are made by pressing heated rubber in a frame around the model.  The model must be cut out and removed from the rubber mold with great skill for the mold to be usable.  The mold maker can not see the piece in the mold and must cut the mold in a way that allows the wax pieces it will produce to come out of the mold without breaking.  We source all of our materials domestically and use Zero-D rubber that is made in Akron, Ohio.

To make additional pieces of the model, more wax is melted in a piece of equipment called a wax pot.  The pot is charged with compressed air and is then ready to inject wax into the rubber molds.  Holding the molds tightly with aluminum plates, wax is injected into the mold, allowed to cool and then removed from the mold.  This wax is a perfect reproduction of the original piece.

Multiple piece of the wax reproductions are assembled around a center sprue onto “Trees”.  The entire wax “Tree” is cast during the lost wax casting process.  The center sprue is where the silver is poured to feed all of the wax models on the “Tree”.  Each piece is cut off of the silver “Tree” and then polished by hand.

Look for our upcoming post on Lost Wax Casting.

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