Wholesale Information - Current Customers

If you already buy from us, you can shop on this site to re-order.  This website is at retail pricing, so when you get to checkout, you will need to enter the wholesale coupon code in order to get your wholesale prices.  If you do not have this code, email me using the form below and I will verify your store and send the code to the email you provide.

Wholesale Information - New Customers

We love retailers!  If  you would like to join our family of retail stores, please fill out our wholesale registration form below.  Once approved, we will email you with wholesale information and your wholesale coupon code.  You will be able to shop our site and enter your wholesale coupon code at checkout to receive your wholesale discount.

Please Fill in this form to receive your Wholesale Coupon Code. New stores must provide re-sale number and physical address of store.

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