Five Things Not To Miss in Las Vegas

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When doing a trade show in Las Vegas, a few things not to miss
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Five Things Not To Miss in Las Vegas – OK, so this is not the latest recommendations from Condé Naste, but perhaps other pilgrims to the City of Lights will benefit from our exploration.  First let me say that most of our business travel is done as frugally as possible, keeping fun, safety and enjoyment in mind.  Here are some of the things in Vegas that we will be sure to do again the next time we go…

  1. Gold and Silver Pawn Shop – easy to find on South Las Vegas Blvd, just ask a local.  You can see where they film the TV show, pose with a cut-out of the owner to amaze your friends and shop a great collection of reasonably price eclectic goodies.  The reason not to miss this location, is this area is home to some really neat local Antique and Collectible Shops that specialize in nostalgic Vegas Vintage from the Rat Pack days.
  2. The Fountain Show at the Bellagio – Even if you have seen it on TV or the internet, it’s definitely worth making your way to the Bellagio to see the show.  The  show runs every 15 minutes and will captivate you with the awesome display of lights, music and water.  It is like a fireworks display made from water!  Watch it twice, each time the show changes.
  3. The Stratosphere Tower – If you are brave, you can jump off or ride a roller coaster on top of the tower.  If thrill rides are not your fancy (or mine) still go to the top of the tower and enjoy an appetizer and drink.  You won’t truly be able to appreciate the vast area of Las Vegas until you look out of the tower at night and realize that the only end to the lights is the curvature of the earth.
  4. Fremont Street – This is where the old Las Vegas comes to life.  The old strip has a covered walkway where the street used to run and music stages every block or so.  There are the iconic neon signs from the past and plenty of entertainment in people watching.  You can zip line above the crowd or take in a street show.  A sensory overload that is hard to describe, let’s just say it’s a must see.
  5. Pizza Rock of Las Vegas – A little off the beaten path off Fremont Street, this exotic pizza menu will challenge you to choose just one option.  We went for a pizza with Asiago, Mozzarella, Imported Gorgonzola, Sweet Fig Preserve, Prosciutto di Parma,
    Parmigiano-Reggiano, Balsamic Reduction, and Goat Cheese.  It was awesome and I find myself counting the days until I eat it again.  Reasonably priced, terrific people and a great atmosphere!
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