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Trade Show Booth at Las Vegas Resort Show
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Assemble Your Trade Show Booth in 5 Easy Steps…. Ok, maybe it’s not quite like 5 easy steps, but setting up your booth in a neat, attractive and unique manner will attract attention and make a great first impression of your product.  A booth with displays other than draped tables will add interest to your product.  This is our set up for a 5′ x 10′ booth in the Las Vegas Resort and Gift Show.

Trade show booths come in many different sizes starting at 5’x10′.  Sometimes when going to a new show, a smaller booth will allow you to see if your product is a good fit for the market without investing a lot of money.  Bring a sample of many different products to a new market.  Many markets are regional or themed to certain segments of buyers, so different products will sell differently in each market.  Be flexible with your line and respond to your market.

The Las Vegas Resort and Gift show takes place in September.  It is geared toward resort gift shops, state and national parks, museums and theme parks and attractions.  The show is managed by Urban Expo, an innovator and leader in wholesale trade shows.  This show features a Made In USA section which is a draw for buyers looking to stock more domestically made products.

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